Intimate wedding- The new normal for a dream wedding


Intimate wedding- The new normal for a dream wedding


One thing we all are looking forward to this wedding season is a small, budget and intimate wedding in India. While the pandemic has effected every situation, public gatherings and ceremonies have found a new way in society. With all the grand celebration, the luxurious settings or a simple romantic setup, this trend of a small wedding is best to live that special day. 

There has been a huge change made to the guest list due to the current situation but this is going to be a new normal as big fat Indian wedding checklist is not what this generation is looking for. So as you are about to start a new life with your partner, here are some cool and effective ideas that can help you in planning a memorable marriage.

Prepare your guest list

As the guidelines allow only 50 guests, it is obvious that only your close and dear ones are going to share the happiness. Well, there will be a lot to explain to those who are off the checklist but who don’t want to keep off the unnecessary crowd? Call up your friends and family to mark their presence, while you tie the knot and share the vows. 

Let it be small but cosy

A smaller wedding celebration may sound dull but this can be the most interesting with some cosy moments for you to memorize. Invest in a good wedding photographer and make sure you capture every perfect moment with those who are near you. Get your pre-wedding shot along with the rituals and be a part of every fun you wished for. Although all the eyes will be on you, it won’t be awkward to find some time alone with your partner, adding more spice to the tradition.  

If not a dream destination, go for a dream venue

Well, for now, a destination wedding is not something to plan, but a local wedding hall nearby can be the dream venue for your special day. Despite arranging for a big hall to entertain hundreds of guest, get a budgeted location and turn it to a most luxurious venue for your Indian intimate wedding. This even opens up a long list of banquet halls and farms depending on the budget you have set.

Save well for your post-wedding plan

Trust us when we say, ‘save for your post-wedding plans’ because a long luxury honeymoon sounds much better than an expensive wedding. As all the extra penny can be easily managed with the small marriage ceremony, you got back up to add on more nights to your romantic honeymoon gateways. Wait for the crises to end and till then explore the globe to pick up your ideal honeymoon destination.

Get creative with DIY’s hack

One of the best things about intimate marriage is the amount of time you get for yourself. Even when the pandemic is over, you can choose to stick with DIY hacks for your own bridal make up, arranging for your outfit, decorating the venue as you need and adding on more fun to the rituals by adding interactive activities and some moments. Personalizing your own wedding, well how many of us can even think of this!


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Written By - on 21 Jul, 2020